A little orange light…..

I wish I could say I’m feeling better this week. But I cant. A flare on Sunday saw me feeling awful. Parasitic Pain was having a great old time and even got Shakey McShakeface involved making me bonk myself on the nose!

My poor baby chip is still not well and it could go either way.

I spent Valentine’s evening on her bed with her head in my lap. Whilst I was doing my best to massage her neck spasms with heat packs, I didn’t stand a chance of stemming the flow of my salty tears.

Of all the physical pain I’ve had; this still hurts more.

But amazing Ash, amazing as always, bought round the most romantic goodies.

My heart bursts with love as he holds me whilst I’m silently sobbing holding onto Chip. It bursts with the pain of love I feel for Chip and it bursts with the love of feeling those comforting arms envelop us both.

Amazing Ash also bought with him a sign. Yet another sign of hope…….oranges!

Ash bought me a little surprise gift and neither of us could believe it……..

A unicorn with oranges!!!!

There is always light at the end of the tunnel……iys just choosing whether or not to follow it. This little orange unicorn will show me the way…….

And chip seems much better today!!

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