From patient to vet nurse

This is a quick one because I am exhausted.

Over the weekend my poor little rescue greyhound Chip became a little subdued and off her food. This is always a worry as, at the age of 11, she is no spring chicken! Then she got stiff and had trouble laying down. Chip has 2 slipped discs in her back from racing which are managed conservatively, so I gave her some anti inflammatories and some tramadol (the doggy kind!)

Monday morning she seemed a little better but I had decided I would phone my vet when I was home from uni as there was just something I couldn’t put my finger on.

When I arrived home from uni (where I also acquired an acquaintance AKA Parasitic Pain) I was greeted by a limping Chip unable to bear wright down a backleg. I looked and it was swollen. I phoned the vet immediately and asked me to bring her in just over an hour. This was perfect as it gave me just enough time to shoot off to get fuelled up with my B12 injection at the doctors.

I rushed home and was worried. Chips leg was turning purple and she couldn’t stand. Mumma L phoned Daddy L who raced home from work to help us. In the 10 minutes it took him Chips paw burst open with pus. We carried her to the car and 1mile down the road we arrived at the vets and carried her.

She was kept in to give her an anaesthetic to explore the wound. At home I watched my phone and struggled to swallow my cuppa soup for tea. (Grace made me as she said I’d come too far to start failing now)

Finally the phone went…….. It was most likely a blackthorn which releases poison into the bloodstream and when it takes hold it spreads rapidly. But poor chips paw had disintegrated and I was told “you can see all the bits in the paw that you’re not meant to see!”

I collected my precious girl late last night as she is not good with anaesthetic and the memory of kennels makes it worse. My vet is fantastic with her and knows us well so was happier for her to be at home.

Between Chip, Grace and I, I think we managed a total of about 1 hours sleep!! Chip was so distressed it broke my heart, the only way she would start to settle was if her head was buried in my lap and me stroking her. It was relentless but Grace kept us going. I felt so helpless and wish it could be me.

With the sunrise came a calmer Chip. This was a combination of more drugs and the anaesthetic wearing off.

Chip is much brighter now bit she is not out of the woods. One thing is for sure though…….. me and Grace won’t leave her side 💔

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