In with a bang!

Oh my gosh. What a start to 2018!! As some of you will know my year always starts with becoming a year older as I gave my parents the ultimate gift to start the 90s with a bang (or a push!) by blessing them with my birth! Any of you that’s good at maths will have worked out that now makes me 28. I never really worried about my age before……. but 28 is very close to 30!! I feel like I’m going to have a midlife crisis because that’s what people do at 30. But then I feel all panicky that I’ve missed my opportunity to go through this essential midlife phenomenon because I probably passed my “midlife” a long time ago! 

Anyway, besides my minor midlife flapping, 2018 has kicked off not too shabby. It has always been a tradition to go out for a family meal on my birthday. The last 2 years this hasn’t been possible due to my health. This year I wanted to make the most of possible my last birthday without a J-PEG! (A hole into my jejunum that I can connect my special feed through like a drip) dinner would be unrealistic so we decided on lunch! My lovely grandad and auntie if made the occasion! We decided on a lovely Italian as there was lots of gluten free vegetarian choice….. I even managed a few spoonfuls of dessert! It felt fantastic!

The following days were up and down with a touch of the virus going around and a lot of fatigue. But fast forward to Monday of this week and I had my first day back at university! I think it’s safe to say that after 5 hours at uni and taking me nearly 3 days to recover ; this is going to be tough!!! 

The positives:

  • I am currently device free
  • My blood tests have gone down to once a month
  • I have returned to uni
  • I have managed to maintain my weight
  • The shortest day is behind us
  • Blue Monday can kiss our sweet ass’
  • Unicorns are life!!!!

Keep smiling you beautiful people…… it’s not too long until payday 😘❤

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