HO, HO, HOme for Christmas!

My Christmas began 2 days early when we arrived home from holiday to brother Chris being home aaaannnnddddd. . . . . . . Dadda L made it home! He has been working on a site out in Saudi Arabia for the last month and whilst we are used to him being away we couldn’t help but feel deflated by the strong possibility that he wouldn’t be home for this Christmas which would also be the first one without Mumma L’s dad and Dadda L’s mum.

That struck the start of a great day! Ash and I had a Christmas party to attend that evening with karaoke, secret Santa and fancy dress! With Ash’s great big bushy beard we could only go as one thing……… Joseph and Mary with Grace as baby Jesus!


The atmosphere was just magical and everyone looked great . . . . . there was even an inflatable turkey! But then came the “secret” Santa . . . . . . what are the chances of me receiving this unicorntastic treat?! Santa must have know and I had to try it out immediately!


The following day was Christmas eve and bought me a day of baking! Although I had saved my legs and sat down for most of the party, my body was still feeling like a 90 year old . . . . it’s a good job Mumma L lets me sit and spread out whilst I’m baking!

You see, this time last year I moved my trusty stead Spirit to a new stables just down the road from my house where he is looked after 24/7 meaning I can go to see him when I am well enough. Since being there I have not been well enough to spend enough time there to really get to know my fellow parents of these majestic beasts! However, they have shown me so much support, encouragement and kindness it is beyond words. So I wanted to try to say Thank You to them, the obvious choice seemed biscuits! So I made Lemon Star Shortbreads and Cranberry and White Chocolate Baulbauls for the humans and Healthy Homemade Treats (which turned out more like a cake!) for the horses. I made my own tags featuring Grace and I and trusty stead Spirit sporting a hat and bowtie!


There were cookies everywhere!!!!

Christmas morning was amazing getting to the stables for 6am so me and Mumma L could sneak around the close to 40 stables leaving the treats outside each one for the fur baby parents to find when they arrived. Everyone said they were yummy . . . . . as they weren’t gluten free I couldn’t try them so I’ll take their word for it!


I was truly spoilt with gifts for Christmas and after eating Christmas dinner on our laps due to my hospital bed taking up the space previously occupied by dining room table, we spent the afternoon with my Grandad, Auntie, Cousins and their little ones.


By boxing day I was defeated by PAS and PAS was going to make me pay. I had been invited to Ash’s family but I didn’t even have energy to brush my hair to go so it was back to bed for me, same again for the following day. Yesterday I thought I was feeling better so my amazing friend Lucy picked me up to go and see our amazing friend Kerry where I could finally meet her new horse! However, it wasn’t to be as it wasn’t long before my head became light and my vision started to fade. Lucy whisked me off back home where I spent the rest of the day with poor Mumma L rubbing my back and holding me over a bowl as I couldn’t get to the toilet whilst Dadda L got my stuff ready for the hospital. I am a baby when it comes to vomit. But now for me it is life threatening. Whilst a couple of days without most meds is reparable, the stress of vomiting releases cortisol in the body as a stress response to help our bodies cope. Because PAS has eaten my adrenal glands the only way I can get this is through my steroids. Therefore, if someone with Addison’s disease vomits they must get to the hospital immediately, unfortunately many fellow Addison’s fighters have died from this within hours. Thankfully, I was just dry heaving and after managing to swallow 3 anti sickness tablets I was able to keep my steroids down. So I have been on double dose and slept on and off since. I am in so much pain but I feel so much better today.

PAS likes to attack at the most inconvenient times, you never know what is around the corner so make the most of each day and find something to smile about. And if you can’t . . . . . .eat an Orange!

My baking collection . . . . .



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