Have a holly, jolly Christmas

Firstly I need to apologise for the long overdue blog! However I do have a good reason to explain my absentness. . . . . . . . I have been on holiday!


That’s right! I got the ok from the hospital to go on a last minute break so me and Amazing Ash went and stayed in Ash Lodge (it was obviously meant to be!) on a farm in the middle of nowhere in the heart of Somerset.

It was just perfect. Me and Ash have barely spent any time together this year and we really needed to get that feeling of escaping it all. Of course we didn’t because Shakey McShakeFace, Naff Off Nausea and Parasitic Pain tagged along didn’t they! So last Saturday 16th December Ash and I packed up our things (including a suitcase just for my medication) and the 2 dogs and disappeared to spend the week with cows, sheep, chickens and horses. It was so remote that there was no Wi-Fi and very patchy signal . . . . . .bliss!


The weather even came out to see us whilst we were there and we saw the most beautiful sunset overlooking the farm. One day I even managed a little walk on the beach!


We spent a day at Dunster Castle which was just beautiful. When we arrived after spending the best part of what felt like the entire morning just trying to get out of the car, we had a welcome surprise. See, I have now developed sciatica which can lead me to develop an usual gait after sitting in one position for too long, e.g the car. My lovely rescue greyhound Chip is getting to be quite an old lady at 11 years old with 2 slipped discs in her so I bought her a ramp for the car which she is still getting used to getting in and out of Ash’s Landy. This resulted in poor Ash trying to round up his excitable spaniel Willow, creaky old Chip and a girlfriend with the grace of a seal as well as his camera bag, my day bag, blanket and William the Wheelchair. We eventually made our way to the entrance to be offered a Tramper for the day! Now for those of you that don’t know what a Tramper is (neither did I) it is like a pimped up mobility scooter for off roading!!!!!


It was brilliant!!! We had a fantastic day and after struggling to climb some of the hills, Ash was pleased he wasn’t trying to push me and William with all our bags whilst controlling 2 dogs!


After lots of rest and movie days we were feeling very much at home, but there was one thing I wanted to do before we left . . . . .

Ride with Ash.

On our last day we went for an hours walk across the marshes with the owners and their 4 golden retrievers. I could finally show Ash why I rave so much about how I miss being out on Spirit as we felt the freedom of being carried effortlessly through the countryside. We even saw views of Cardiff and Barry Island!


It was all over too quickly and although my pesky crew of ailments joined us without invites and they did dictate parts of the holiday I felt that this was a massive achievement. It’s scary being away from the safety of being tucked up in my hospital bed at home with Mumma L the carer and being so far from my local hospital. I didn’t even know where the nearest hospital was! This was a big step after being confined for so long and I feel more confident and liberated.


Ash is the most amazing man I could ever wish to be in my life and looking at him on Mouse (his trusty stead for the morning) I couldn’t help but see my knight in shining armour. My rock. My confidante. My voice of reason. My best friend. I would run a million miles from this disease given half the chance, yet Ash has chosen for hospitals, needles, an almost non-existent social life and disability to be a part of his life as the sacrifice to be my boyfriend. And for that I will always be eternally grateful and in awe of his resilience and ability to stay calm. He is my inspiration and writing this now, with tears rolling down my cheeks, I feel as if my heart is going to burst as it aches to be with him again. I am rubbish at telling him how amazing he is and I know he will hate me when he reads this! No doubt he will have pleasure if finding a way to make things even!

Although when we arrived home after a week to find I had 3 letters from the hospital with 2 more appointments coming up, when I think back to Ash Lodge with Ash I feel that brief feeling of freedom and tranquillity. Oranges


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