An important announcement 

Gosh the last few days have flown by! So I will get you up to speed.

On Tuesday morning it was all systems go despite arriving home late Monday night. The district nurse came round to take my bloods and then some workman came round to check the metre as they were working on the power lines so we would be without electricity. It’s that just typical on a cold dark winters day and being physically and mentally drained when you just want to curl up and have a duvet day, that is the day when there is no power! 

Anyway there wasn’t much time to tax as the afternoon consisted of travelling to my local hospital to meet with my stomach surgeon, pain consultant and specialist dietician. To say the meeting was a little tense is an understatement! All 3 had different views and opinions on what course of treatment would be in my best interests. What about what I want?? 

After an hour of discussions it was decided that I need to make a desicion on whether I want to have another feeding tube put back in or have an operation to put a hole into my intestine and put feed through that which is called a PEG-J. Each one has they’re pros and cons and to be perfectly Frank the future terrifies me.

But…….. this also happened at the end of the consultation!!! 

Ok so I wasn’t “ready” to part ways with Norman according to the professionals but due to the fact that Norman had cause a pressure ulcer in my septum which was weeping and Norman was becoming unreliable in accepting feed, they had no choice but to separate us and I couldn’t be happier. I am thankful to him for saving my life but I had become fatigued with his constant presence that attracted stares and whispers everytime I went out in public. It was a mixed emotion when we separated. I was so excited but whilst the nurse was pulling all 1 and a half metres of him out, rubbing against that pressure ulcer all the way and bringing a constant flow of bile up with him, I couldn’t help but wish it wasn’t happening. But then he was out! He had turned a deep shade of brown due to sitting in acid for over 5 months!!! My nose is finally starting to feel better. For those of you that have never had the pleasure of experiencing the aroma of an ulcer (not the ones in your mouth!) It is awful! Its a pungent smell of musty, rotting flesh. Having that smell sitting in my nose was not pleasent! 

The following day me and Mumma L celebrated by having a little wonder around the magical winter wonderland at Perrywoods garden centre.

Unfortunately I have had to go back on my beta blockers as in the few days I was off it my heart began to struggle again and had a resting rate of 120 which would explain the chest pain! I also need to work hard with drinking my prescribed supplement drinks as it will provide me with essential fat, protein and calories packed into small portions. They are like drinking thick slimy tar with flavours that are . . . . . Not what they say on the bottle! But I’m going to give it my all. 

All in all this week has been another rollercoaster of emotions but I get a lovely surprise everytime I look in the mirror to see my face as a free non-tube feeding woman! It will take some getting used to but I have a feeling it’s going to be something that I will enjoy 😊

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