Quick update…..

After 3 days in Barts me and Grace are shattered! It has been non stop since we arrived. Blood tests, drips, with holding steroids (which makes you feel like death warmed up!), periods of fasting, periods of laying flat/sitting up, scans, physiotherapy and endless questions.

So far my BP has dropped to 72/38, blood sugar to 2.6 and veins have been misbehaving. 


We have met:

  • Endocrine team
  • A team of 5 dieticians (from consultants to nurses)
  • Physiotherapists 
  • Specialist nurses
  • Radiographers

All have which have been super thorough, thoughtful and have smiles on their faces. They have made us feel at ease and at home despite being absolutely petrified. They have spent hours with us picking my body apart from the highest strand of hair on my head all the way down to my little toe! I think this is the first spare hour I’ve had since we arrived on Monday! 

There have been many times where I have been thinking oranges and no doubt there’s more to come as the current plan involves:

  • More blood tests
  • Scans
  • ?endoscopy + colonoscopy
  • ENT consultants
  • Pain team
  • Cardiology team
  • More physiotherapy 

And we have to stay until at least Monday! 

Although I am exhausted and frightened this places is full of the oranges I need to be fresh and juicy and bouncing around.

Oranges. Oranges. Oranges.


5 thoughts on “Quick update…..

  1. Janet Pell

    So,proud of you, keep fighting, Hope Mum is ok, hospitals are exhausting even without treatment! You sound to have a wonderful staff and why not you are a wonderful patient/person, sending love and hugs xxxxx

    Liked by 1 person

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