Keep thinking about Oranges……

Well the day has arrived…… and mumma L are on our way to Barts! We have a car full of stuff! There is a whole small suitcase (with wheels) just for my medication and feed for less than a week! I’m hoping that’s all I’ll need.

Since I got the call from Doc last week I have been plagued with nightmares and sweats giving Agro Anxiety a field day! 

Mumma L has been fantastic making sure all appointments were cancelled for this week and generally organizing……being ill is a full time job both for myself and Executive PA Mumma L!!

After all her hard work I thought it only fair to give her the weekend off for her to craft and see her friend. So that meant that Amazing Ash was on babysitting duty for me! We packed it full to the brim to try get my mind busy. So on Saturday he took me and Grace to Tropical Wings zoo! It was filled with the most amazing animals and the warmth of the greenhouse was all the more amazing with the silent flutter of butterflies in front of your face contrasting the noisy chirping of the birds up high. 

If it hadn’t of been so cold I could have watched the animals for hours.

Unfortunately being a Saturday there were a fair few children. Some of which spent more time staring at Norman the NJ than at the animals! 

Agro Anxiety would leap on these opportunities to make me feel like there’s a cube in my throat, however Grace would remind me that they are just children and 1) I would be just as fascinated by a grown woman in a wheelchair with a feeding tube and a unicorn! And 2) I’m setting an example. To not be embarrassed. To be proud of who we are no matter what we look like. To show that whatever limitations life may throw at you it doesn’t have to stop you having fun! 

Sunday was a Spirit day. We took him for a stroll in the cold afternoon November sun.


Ash was amazing as always and helped me pack as Agro Anxiety deciding to prevent my brain from functioning in a normal manner. Then it was time to say goodbye. Not just to Ash (he can’t visit during the week as it’s too late after work) but to Chip dog too! She is going to stay with Ash’s parents and her best friend Willow dog! 

I didn’t go to bed last night as Agro Anxiety wouldn’t let me. So I curled up on the sofa staring at the pictures on the TV. I managed to doze a couple of times before the sun began to rise trying to break through the heavy clouds that were releasing great big drops of water.

I received a lovely message and picture of Chop dog having a lay in…….she definitely wasnt crying about leaving me…… I was the only one doing the crying!

So I couldn’t resist the opportunity to pop and see Spirit. The air began to dry and we managed a quick walk round the farm before lots of scratches and cuddles. 

That leads me to now. In the car. On the A12.


Oranges. Oranges. Oranges!!!!

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