‘Tiss the season to be jolly……

Yesterday morning started with a message from my GP to say that I need to have an urgent blood test as my weekly test from Tuesday had come back deranged. I was disheartened as last week’s came back “normal” and I need to have 6 consecutive weeks of these “normal” parameters before I can have them reduced to once a month. So after only 2 isolated “normal” results out of a possible 18 I was feeling a little deflated. Although it did offer me an explanation as to why I was feeling so grotty with Foe Fatigue, Parasitic Pain and Shakey McShake face hanging round me like a bad smell.


So I grotted around the house in my PJs, festering in my drearisome mood, leaking that foul odour. That night I was supposed to be going to a Christmas event at the garden centre where my dear friend Amy works and good old Ash said he would work an early shift so he could finish early, pick the lovely Jackie up, come and get me and then drive the 30 minutes there. Looks like PAS was going to ruin more plans. Well, it was a cold day. I wasn’t feeling the Christmas vibe. Maybe a night in on the sofa would be ok?


NO!!!!!!!!!! I had been looking forward to this for weeks! We all had a plan worked out……..PAS was not going to win this time!!!!!! Anyway, it will be Grace’s first Christmas……..I can’t be a scrooge!


So I climbed Mount Staircase so Bubblymazeballs Bath could envelope me in warm soapy, smell obliterating suds. At least it would keep the troublesome threesome (Ppain, Ffatigue and SMcFace) away for the meantime. I pulled on some clothes, powdered my face and forced a brush through my hair whilst Grace sat there and watched because she is always perfect because that’s just how unicorns are!

20171116_174429 (1)

The doorbell went and before we knew it we were in a magical winter wonderland. Our eyes were wide, jaws open as we looked around taking in all the beautiful trees and gifts and goodies all covered in a stunning array of silver glitter. Then we were like excited children on blue smarties as we spotted something, dashed over to show eachother before abandoning it for the next magical item we saw. Grace was in awe.


There was so much to see but everyone’s bellies were getting cross with hunger. So we headed over to fill ourselves with the glorious warming food on offer. I even managed a few chips which Norman didn’t mind.


Then we strolled back out all be it slightly slower than before; a sure sign of contented gorging (even though I had William the Wheelchair to help carry me round). There was a band playing Christmas hymns, mulled wine, roasted chestnuts, lucky dips, gin and beer tasting, local produce and twinkling lights all amongst a magical forest.


Then we stumbled across Santa!!!! Grace could hardly contain herself and leapt towards him offering her hoof before I had barely had a chance to introduce her! Santa was lovely and we even got a cuddle and a kiss before he let us into his grotto! So we crept in with Santa’s musty beard still strong in our noses to find a pathway through Narnia at Christmas!

20171116_192101 (1)

There were even 4 beautiful Queens ……..


Soon the night had to come to an end. We kissed Amy goodbye and travelled back in the car the only way we could……….blasting out a Christmas playlist! I can quite confidently say that the festive season has begun and despite the trials and tribulations of this year……. ’tiss the season to be Jolly.


Thank you. Sharing is caring so share the fabulous festive feeling xxx


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