What a wonderful weekend!

Where to start?? 

Saturday was full of giddy anticipation for the night ahead. Me Ash and Grace were busy doing some last minute shopping in town and before we knew it, it was time to get changed into warm clothes to fight the November elements. As Willow (Ash’s dog) was coming with her humans, Chip needed help to get dressed too in her beautiful bandana and her posh polo collar. 

Then the door bell rang and the night begun! My friends and Ash’s parents walked through the door bringing with them the anticipation of the brilliance of bonfire night.

But first it was time to feed our bellies and what better way to prepare for the crisp November night than with a warming chilli and jacket potatoes? Well, chilli is still a little rich for me but I still enjoyed the comfort of picking at a steaming spud. Dessert was a strange one, following on with the Mexican theme Mumma L made deep fried ice cream. Now I envisaged crispy balls filled with melty ice cream. However, Mumma L produced a giant ice cream slab! It was huge but it did taste delicious as we tucked in around the fire.

Now it was time for the thing we had all been so patiently waiting for…….fireworks!!! 

There was all the quiet jittery chatting as we waited for Daddy L to get the surprise filled cardboard box lit. Then as soon as we saw the torch flying around with Daddy L running running towards us we all screamed “ruuuuuunnnnn” followed by the “oooooooo” and “aaaaahhhhhh” that are compulsory firework appreciation noises. This cycle repeated with each box producing a variety of colours, shapes, noises and explosions. 

Everyone knows you can’t have fireworks without the sparkles! So we danced around making shapes, spelling our names and pretending to be wizards before it was time to head inside to the warm and drink some hot spiced apple juice.

Sunday followed with just as much fun. Ash took me to see my gorgeous Spirit and we went for a walk round the farm in the glorious sunshine. Then we headed home to start cooking! Having such a restricted diet proves difficult to find yummy things that are gluten free and don’t attract Naffoff Nausea so I decided to try making my own. With the help of Ash’s muscles,  Graces guidence and the rents’ taste buds! We made pumpkin (my own of course) and ricotta ravioli with a spicy arrabata sauce and sundried tomato, rosemary and Himalayan rock salt foccacia bread. The verdict? It was all amazing……you couldn’t even tell it was gluten free!! We did have a lot of trouble making the pasta as it was so delicate which resulted in odd irregular shapes but we decided we were showing our variety! The sauce was a slight disaster. As yummy as it was I made the mistake of adding about 20 times the amount of chilli flakes required! However Ash and Daddy L powered through it like real men! Lucky we had dessert to cool the gastroisestinal tract down with poached pears incased with chocolate puff pastry spirals. Although I only had a few mouthfulls of each it felt great to be eating the same as everyone else…….and it was great fun to make! Unfortunately in all the excitement we forgot to get pictures of the final product……only managed one of dessert. Guess that’s my excuse to make it again…….theres that ever existing silver lining 😊 happy bonfire weekend everyone xxxxxx

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