Baking, carving, Halloween shenanigans!

Now for those of you that know me well will know that I LOVE Halloween and everything that comes with it. The pumpkins (both carving and eating), the delicious treats that resemble all things gross and oozey, the horror films that leaves you with enough adrenaline in your veins to resuscitate an elephant, and most of all………..the dressing up! I Love fancy dress and what better time to go all out than combine it with the scandalous spookyness of Halloween??

This year has been super exciting for me because last year I planted some pumpkin seeds from a 50p pumpkin in my garden. After everyone mocking me saying they wouldn’t grow…….they didn’t just grow they flourished into golden beauties shining brighter than the sun. So after already having reaped the benefits of my fruitful home harvest, by testing out those pert little pumpkins in some biscuits I was feeling chuffed. Even more so when Ash asked me to help him cook up some tantalising treats for him to take to work on Halloween. I was in my element stooped over the bubbling mixtures.

Boil boil toil and trouble 

In the end we had……..

Pumpkin passion cupcakes decorated as pumpkins and ghosts…..

And chocolate slim tarts……

After all this excitement I couldn’t help but feel a little dagger of nostalgia seeing all my friends uploading their petrifying pictures on social media has they headed off to party the night away. This was the second year in a row to miss because of PAS.

This mood could not continue…….so how do me and grace cheer ourselves up?? Pumpkin carving of course!!! It’s graces first Halloween…..i had to show her what it was all about! So me and Ash set to work on   my  pumpkins (sorry I totally mean  ours ) we carved them in front of a spooky film of course!

As it was actually Halloween yesterday I still wasn’t content with my lack of scary celebrations. So me and Ash (and good old Norman) went to see Happy Death Day at the cinema. He came to pick me up and I creaked open the door imitating uncle Fester “you raaaaannnngggggg” whilst revealing my new appearance. Ok so it was only the cinema and it was dark but at least Grace got to see what Halloween is about and I could go out using my walking stick and Norman to my advantage……i was supposed to look scary and grotesquely gruesome……no one knew I looked this gross on a daily basis. Always a silver spooky lining 😉

Happy Halloween!!!!!

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