Sorry it’s been a while……

It’s been a bit of a struggle the last couple of weeks. Whilst everyone is going on holiday, progressing in their careers and going out socialising I have been on this journey that feels like an uphill treadmill which no garuntee of recovery at the end. Stuck in a bubble of pills, hospitals and the sense of living in quicksand, going backwards rather than forwards. 

However, Grace convinced of this……

  • I can ride horses…..
  • Which means I can also ride unicorns…
  • Unicorns have wings so they can fly high into the sky…..
  • Skies have clouds……
  • And every cloud has a silver lining!!

I’m not on a treadmill…….. I’m on a cloud!!

So what’s my silver lining??

My cloud is practically silver……

  • I have the most amazing support network of friends and family.
  • I have 2 beautiful fur babies. (Spirit my full sized unicorn without the horn and Chip my gorgeous grey)
  • I am fortunate enough to live in a country where there is not only is the healthcare top quality…..but it is free!
  • I have been lucky enough to experience some of the things life has to offer; horse riding, going to school, going out and dancing until sunrise.

Did I take all this for granted? YES!!!! It’s too easy to look around and compare ourselves to others and focus on what we haven’t got instead of what we have got. 

So with that in mind I decided to start getting focused again on my road ahead wherever that made lead me. So I started to have a little sort out of my room now that I am managing the stairs most days. I gained more than more space….  I gained some bruises after stupidly falling backwards trying to put something at the top of my wardrobe! Grace was far from impressed!

But this didn’t stop me and Norman from having a little walk round the farm on Spirit with Mumma L and Chip! After all……. I have more padding after spending 16 weeks with Norman. 2 stone more padding to be precise!

In the spirit of appreciating what we do Have, me and Mumma L decided to throw a little tea party! So whilst Mumma L made the sandwiches, ginger topped scone and dug out her finest China. Me and Grace were busy making raspberry tarts with homemade jam, coconut macaroons, chocolate coated marshmallows and pumpkin biscuits with my pumpkin from the garden! 

We had the most amazing afternoon and our cheeks were aching from all the laughing. 

Life is good 😊

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