Cake and unicorns

Tuesday I felt awful and slept most of the day which did me good and set me up for a fabulous magical evening celebrating the birthday of our little Red mermaid! My uni friends are among the most thoughtful, loving, supporting and selfless humans to have ever walked this earth. 

We were all so excited to watch red open her presents from us. …….. we turned her into a real life mermaid with a map to cushion her little Red head on when she is tired from being so beautiful all day.

Then we had the Cake!!! Canada inspired by little Red Mermaid’s love of Canada and all things maple related. This was my first attempt at this type of Cake, and whilst it was far from perfect, little Red mermaid was impressed! 

Yesterday was a tough day due to Parasitic Pain’s presence and a tough letter about my future from the hospital. But I promised Ash I would go to Freeport with him for the student night. He wanted a new pair of Levi’s and to check out some banging Barbour bargains!!! Grace told me to pull myself together whilst Mumma L ran me a nice hot bubble bath with candles…….at least now I could cover up the fact my face was wet with troublesome tears! 

So off we headed and met Ash’s brother and sister in laws. Well ……..due to my expanding waistline……my size double 0 pair of Levi’s didn’t hang off me anymore……in fact not only did I have to squeeze my legs into them like I was stuffing a sausage, but if I dared to sit down I felt like they would pop like champagne bottle without the lovely fizzy stuff inside. So of course I needed a new pair!!! 

After that we grabbed us a couple of banging Barbour bargains. It’s nice to be able to go into shops and actually try on clothes without them looking like they are hanging off a coat hanger due to my body having about as many curves as a flight runway!

Then I had the most amazing surprise from Holly (sister inlaw)……..a unicorn onesie!!!!

And then when I thought it couldn’t get any better……..whilst I was writing this blog my dear lovely Laura surprised me at the door with this beaut……..

Life is like a box of chocolates… just don’t know what you’re going to get! 

Some are bumpy and some are oozing with sweet magic…….youve just got to savour your favourite ones.

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