I came here for love

This week has been a struggle with a mix of hospital appointments, blood tests and my dear grandmother’s funeral. 

So this seems like an appropriate time to remember what I came for. What did I come for? Love. And my goodness I gave plenty of it. Love to give and love to receive. We are all living our lives for a reason. What is your reason?

Mine is love,

  • I love my family
  • I love the time and memories that I am grateful to have had with my grandad and grandma who passed away recently
  • I love the country I live in
  • I love my children (Spirit and Chip)
  • I love my amazing friends
  • I love the healthcare system that saved my life
  • I love how Norman the NJ is making me fat
  • I love you lovely people for reading my blog 
  • I love the little things like the feel of the sun on my face and the sound of the bees
  • I love Phyliss the pigeon that has basically moved in to our back garden
  • And of course……I love the strength and magical powers of Grace the unicorn! 

There is always something to love no matter where you look. Even in the darkest places when you struggle to see the good. There can be love, whether that be a warm embrace, the uniting of people or fond memories to call upon. So indulge your fine selves with love! 

This week I have loved the shopping trip to lakeside where I was zooming around on my wheelchair and laughing so hard I felt faint. I loved the mini rave on the way home like the old days.

I love the fact my brother is here all weekend for his birthday and I managed to make him a cake from scratch. I loved the look on his face when he realised I’d made his very own longboard and the entire thing was edible.

Life is for living. Life is yours to choose.

Life is 10% of what happens to us and 90% of how we react to it.

What did you come here for?

I came here for love.


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