Family matters

With the loss of another much loved grandparent in the space of a month and nearly losing Chippy, it’s safe to say I was relieved when mumma L and Chris landed safely back in the UK.

Despite the sadness my awesome big little bro managed to get a present for Grace!! She was thrilled and I have to say I was touched. Doesn’t she look great??

This week has been horrific. Nightmares, parasitic pain, asteroid anxiety and to top it off pesky potassium have plagued me all week. A few friends also having a hard time has left me frustrated as this irritating little army following me around stops me from being the friend I want to be. I want to drive. I want to run away.

This week has been hell……..but there are positives. Family matters. Keep those ones who care for you close as you never know when they will be taken from you. It’s safe to say I’ve turned into a hermit this week as it’s been a struggle just to lift up my legs……not physically, mentally. Luckily Grace has been there to comfort through the nights. And I crawled out of my hermit house this evening to go for the best therapy……….

Animals are magical. As are unicorns. There is always something to smile about……its just knowing where to look. 

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