A flippin’ good day!

After a tough week seeing my Professor at a specialist hospital in London and my bloods starting to deteriate I needed a pick me up…….or as Grace suggested a “flip me up!” We had some gluten free batter to use up and we were outnumbered by the boys with Dad, brother Chris and bf Ash so there was only one thing we could Russel up on a Saturday morning…….breakfast pancakes!!! 

A wonderful combination of crispy bacon, fantastic fried egg and tangy cheese all wrapped up in a pantastic pancake! Me and Grace found the gluten free pancakes slightly more frisky to flip that their floury friends, but we gave it a good go anyway……

With the tribe fat and full the guys were content. When……..the doorbell goes! A great big box…….I don’t remember ordering anything of this size? Inside is a black box reading “mystery magical unicorn box”. My heart beats faster and Grace starts snorting and pawing the ground impatiently. ……

Inside were the biggest most magical pair of slippers I’ve ever seen, a unicorn pen, unicorn candy floss lipbalm and a bluetooth speaker that also takes pictures!!! And who was sitting there grinning like a cheshire cat feeling all smug at being the cause of this excitement?? Ash!!! 

“Once upon a time in a magical kingdom lived a very handsome unicorn named Stuart. Stuart loved to dance on rainbows, eat sugar sprinkles and candy floss. With his whimsical charm, he would attract all sorts of friends. Breaking curses, spells and making good people’s dreams come true. In his spare time he uses his super powers to create magical doodles.”

Unicorns really are magical so despite a wearing week, magic is sparkly smile inducing…….I even saw a rainbow today.

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