Cake Carnage!!

After all the excitement of riding Spirit on Sunday I was exhausted on Monday. But there was no time to sit and listen the parasitic pain………It was Ashley’s birthday (only 1 more left until the big 3-0 😉 )and me and Grace had a cake to decorate! I baked a madeira cake earlier on in the week and froze it then I carved it into shape on Saturday so I had the whole day for decorating whilst Ashley was at work on Monday. Well, me and Grace were rushed off our feet/hooves! Now Ashley loves his Land Rover so I thought ….I know…..I’ll make him a Land Rover cake! All the ones I could find on the internet were boring so I came up with the idea of his Landy coming out of some water up a bank. Now, anyone that knows me will know that when I get an idea in my head I get carried away. I also thought I’ll add a tree to the design! Everyone that I explained my idea to looked at me with a puzzled face. Now is the time I should probably say that I have never actually baked a Maderia cake before, nor had I used fondant icing or modelling chocolate or icing paints…….but that wasn’t it……I also thought I would temper some chocolate for Ashley’s name! Why not?! Even Grace seemed a little dubious.

All day me and Grace worked on this cake. Every time Mumma L came downstairs she made all the right noises like “oooooo” and “wowie!!!” which spurred us on. I was sitting at the breakfast bar and still good old Shakey McShake Face thought he would come and lend a hand……or twitch a hand I should say! So my lines are wonky and my artwork isn’t great but here it is……….(and can I just add, every single thing on that cake board is edible!)



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