After a few steps back the only way to go is forward

With a house full of tears and a drop in weight last week, Grace gave me a good talking to! She’s scary when she points her horn! But she’s right, Grandad wouldn’t want me to be all sad, and he would certainly be telling me off for losing weight! So I pick myself up, dust myself off and get back on the road!

If I try really hard my thighs nearly touch!!!

So 3 big things happened this week! 

Number 1- I had a very important meeting with my course leader at the university! I was so nervous but I needend be as he could not have been more accommodating. I can take my final exams next year and if I am well enough to start placement February then I can still graduate with my cohort! However, this is dependant on me and Norman and Florence going out separate ways. It also depends on how persistent Parasitic Pain, Naff off Nausea and Shakey McShakeface are buzzing around me like annoying flies. I also have to maintain my weight on my own, which brings me on to big event number 2……

My butt is coming back!!

Weigh in!!!

Yesterday was weigh in day and after a loss last week I was slightly nervous. Onto the scales I got……..7 stone 7!!!! Yes!!!! That 4lb gain brings me to a total 22lbs!!! That’s a whopping 10kgs!!! Very chuffed with that……so what do I Do?? Treat myself to some Smarties of course! And it’s a guilty free treat because the more weight I put on the better! 

So my 3 big thing happened just today and was by far the biggest! I sat on Spirit for the first time in 12 weeks!! That is the longest time I’ve ever been out of the saddle. Luckily Ash is a magnificent 6ft4 and Spirit is a little pocket rocket at only 15.1hh! So he lifted me onto his back and instantly I felt at home! Pure bliss! We only walked around the menagè for 10 minutes but for those 10 minutes I forgot Norman was there. I forgot all about those annoying persistent PAS flies. I finally felt like me.  Admittedly I went from Ash’s arms straight into Williams lap (the wheelchair!). I felt weak. Weak from the physical exertion that my lazy legs aren’t used to and weak from the rush of pure delight and excitement. 

Currently my feet are burning and my muscles are twitching all over……..but all I have to do is think of this afternoon and I can ignore that……it was more that worth it.

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