The day I met Grace……

I will always remember that hot summer’s Sunday that Grace came trotting into my life. This was the 3rd day after my arrest. I was still a little muddled and not completely orientated. I was however, getting used to my nutty neighbours in my bay and began to really warm to them. 

Lovely Lucy…..a true Champ!!

The day before I was due to take part in a 5k inflatable obstical course for Myeloma UK. I had put together a terrific treble team made up of my blooming brilliant brother Chris, awesome Ash the boyfriend and myself. I was devastated when I found out I couldn’t take part as this is something that is very close to my heart. I was letting all my sponsors down. However, when I announced through the powers of social media that I could not take part ……more sponsors came flooding in and my wonderfully fabulous friend Lucy said she would take my place the night before! So off they all went in the glorious sunshine bouncing and leaping their way through the 5k of air filled assault course. They all received a medal and I couldn’t be prouder!

The three musketers!

Now back to Sunday. I had visitors aaaallllll day! It was overwhelming. I couldn’t believe they were all giving up time on their sunny Sunday (and let’s face it that’s a critically endangered occurrence in Blighty!) To come and sweat in the confounds of a bay of quite pungent smelling excretions! 

Kerry, Lucy and I 

So in came Lucy and my other friend Kerry. They came bearing a glorious bag of gifts. Now in that bag there was someone very special…….. that’s right, you guessed it……Grace!!! Now I named her Grave after someone very special who I owe my life to. I would not be alive today whittering away on these blogs if it wasn’t for her. So it was decided. There was not a name more perfect for such a gracefull creature. 
Now I’ve never really felt the need to jump on the unicorn bandwagon. Horses, yes. Horses are my life and who I am. And yes, Spirit is my best friend and knows all of my secrets. However, since I met Grace I have begun a magical journey filling my life with unicorns! It’s like the magical beasts have lifted me up and helped my to fly through those awful lonely nights, the painful needles and continual poking, prodding and painful infusions. When I cuddled up to Grace it took me away from all that. She came everywhere with me …… x-ray, CT, even theatre! I feel a sense of lightness, even though I am physically putting on the pounds! Grace lifts my Spirits…….and my special boy is called Spirit……this was meant to happen right?? Was it fate? I’ll let you decide.

You can’t help but smile when you look at that face!

But for now…….have a magical day and stop for a minute to emerse your thoughts into one thing you are thankful for. Let that smile creep across your face. Smiling is your Spirits medicine. 🦄❤😊

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