A unicorntastic day!

So the day started off ok. I felt whacked after parasitic pain kept me company all night! But other than that I was ok…….apart from these purple/red blotches keep appearing over my body. It’s like Whack-a-Mole……you never know where the next one is going to pop up! So I call the GP for advice and she insists on coming to see them. In she comes and voices her concerns that it could be meningitis or a blood disorder. Cracking! She’s asks; “would you like to go into hospital for tests and a lumber puncture?” Oh hell no!!!! Other than feeling tired which is normal I feel Ok! So we agree to wait for these blood results to come back and go from there.
Whilst the doc is examining me I hear all this commotion going on at the front door. I thought it must be a visitor. But then it all went quiet and when doc left it became clear that there was no one here……so I assumed it was the postman. 

Then in comes Mumma L with………..
Presents!!!!! A beautiful most amazing lady, who has basically become Spirit’s second mummy, dropped these off from the wonderful liveries at Spirit’s home!

Spot the unicorn charm!

I am so overwhelmed that those little salty drops of water push their way out of my eyes and slide down my growing cheeks. I feel like the luckiest girl alive. The most beautiful flowers that look like they come from a magical woodland fill of fairies. The most gorgeous cardigan with beautiful unicorns and a unicorn Pandora charm. Just perfect!

It is so humbling to know such wonderful people in my life. The support I have received from family and friends is incredible. You are like my army behind me, any time I feel like giving up your messages and wishes luck me up and push me forward. With you guys I can do anything. Thank you.

Watch out PAS…….we’re coming to get you!


2 thoughts on “A unicorntastic day!

  1. Pauline

    You must be tired of all the advise you get from us well meaning friends so I’ll not give you any glib “get well soon” stuff. Just know we think of you every day and pray that soon things will turn around for you. Love you sweetie.

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