Weigh in weekend!


So with all the ghost buster pumpkin excitement I forgot to tell you guys about my weigh in on Saturday! Now I feel like I have put on weight and everyone says I look fuller but I was still nervous getting on the scales………….it read 6 stone 12! That’s 43.5kg! Mum dismissed it immediately saying it was wrong. So I gingerly got on them again……6 stone 12! The scales were right!!! That means my total weight gain in 7 and a half weeks is 5.5kg, almost a stone! Norman is doing his job well!


So yesterday was a good day. My friend came over and mum took us down to see the beautiful Spirit……and my God he is stunning! I fall in love with him more and more every time I see him. As soon as I touch that velvety nose it’s like all of my problems float away. I long top sit on his back…… mum said I can’t because I still can’t feel my feet…….I don ‘t need them to ride! That’s a minor detail. My friend was awestruck by the beautiful cocker puppies. So not only did we get to be with the gorgeous Spirit but we got yummy puppy cuddles too……and the sun was shining! I was exhausted when we got home and old Shakey Mcshake Face reared his ugly head along with Naff off Nausea and Parasite Pain and had to swallow down my horrific Potassium and Phosphate that are dissolved into what can only be described as a witches potion as it bubbles away with toil and trouble. And down goes the next lot of pills too. Naff off Nausea loves this! So I drink some of my trusty ginger beer and then I send down George the Gingerbread man to sort them out!


My friend stayed the night so we had a lovely lazy girly chatty gossipy day today in-between phone calls with 3 different hospital departments! PAS always likes to remind me he’s there like an annoying little devil on my shoulder or a sneaky shadow following me around. But luckily Grace has a horn to give him a poke……….Oh and I have the best and most supportive friends and family in the world! 🙂 After this weekend I am feeling truly blessed!


4 thoughts on “Weigh in weekend!

  1. Spirit(the horse)

    Well I looked very smart, always like to look my best particularly when my visitor was Charlotte. I just showered in Mint and Tea Tree Shampoo and conditioned my tail so it felt silky. And I had some treats- what a good Sunday!

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