Home sweet home

So after another 8 nights in hospital I finally made it home last night!!! Me and Grace were over the moon. I cannot tell you how excited I was when mum opened the front door and my beautiful greyhound came bounding out to the car to great us! As mum helped me out of the car Chip leapt infront of us into the house……..she grabbed Grace off the sofa and gave her a good shake! She had also been on my hospital bed (which is currently in the dining room and is Chip’s usual bedroom) and rearranged my bedding…..so much for those crisp clean sheets mum had so proudly prepared! I could not wipe the smile from my face! 

So after a lazy morning in bed I dragged myself up and went on an expedition to the bottom of the garden to see my pumpkins!! Now these pumpkins are of great significance. Last Halloween we had some last minute cheap scabby looking pumpkins. I decided that to avoid this last minute mad rush from repeating itself next year I was going to grown my own! So I dried some of the seeds and with the help of Mr Google planted my seeds at the beginning of May this year. Now everybody laughed at me “they won’t grow!” They said, “those pumpkins were half dead!” They said. “We dont have the right soil” they said. Well not only did they grow…..they flourished! Even surviving dad “accidently” running them over with the lawnmower! However, spending the last 7 weeks in hospital has meant that I have missed the birth of my beautiful orange Halloween treats! So that bumpy ride in the William the wheelchair with Stan the Stand was so worth it!!!

After all that excitement me and Grace got to work on my nails. Grace had to do most of them for me as old Shakey Mcshake Face was back making my body tremor like I’m standing on one of those earthquake mimicking exercise plates you find women desperately clinging on to at the gym! 

The next piece of excitement was meeting Bernard the backpack! Now Bernard will allow me to leave the house on my feed without having to drag Stan along with me. Now, as much as I appreciate his help…….the elephant in the room is UGLY!!! All I’m going to say is: “if there’s something strange, in the neighbourhood…….who ya gonna call???”

So with all that excitement I am in a lot of pain……but happy. So happy. I am so blessed to have all the support I do and it amazes me everyday how kind people can be. It is very humbling. 
All our love,

Charlotte, Grace, Florence, Norman the NJ, William the Wheelchair, Stan the Stand and Bernard the backpack


5 thoughts on “Home sweet home

  1. Spirit(the horse)

    At last a mention- I was a bit behind with the blogs and there I was mentioned Spirit (the horse). Whilst my Charlotte has been away I have been growing my mane having looked at the other residents where I live I want a long flowing mane and during the growing out stage I might see if I can get Flo like extensions.

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