Pull yourself together woman!!!!

So I’m not going to bore you with all the details of the tremors, numbness, pain, pins and needles, daily blood tests, etc. Because it seems to go without saying that they are a constant accessory to my life now. The feed has been increasing each day and I am now finally up to my requirements!! Yay! Still being fed over 24hrs though to help my body get used to it again. Norman is great! He just gets on with life and does his job……i just say …..Grace is very impressed! 

So something exciting did happen 2 days ago….

I came out the toilet with Florence and I saw my physio from my last admission!! He loved Flo’s new look and was impressed with my co ordination! So we wish each other well and I feel all proud of myself showing off my walking and then I get into my room, turn to go around the bed………and before I know it I’ve gone backwards, desperately trying to grab onto the end of the bed……failing and ended up on the floor near the doorway! The poor physio hearing all the commotion comes running in to find me and Flo sprawled across the floor!!! With the sound of the emergency bell everyone comes rushing in just to add to the embarrassment! They insist on hoisting me back to bed ………a hoist!!! I mean I’ve just about accepted Florence…….but I certainly do not want to create a friendship with Henry the bleeding hoist!!! Thankfully it takes so long for them to find it that I have managed to sit up and been half carried into bed. Phew! 

That night …….me and grace got a visitor bearing gifts!!!! Flo now has a pouch (In the form of a basket) like a little kangaroo for me to put stuff in. She also had some beautiful hair extensions put in and Grace has a seat! Although we have yet to figure out how to attach it to Flo.

Yesterday mum came in with parcels for me. Well ……it was like Christmas!!! Now I have a very bad habit of comfort shopping when I’m at my most vulnerable…..in the middle of the night when I’m either A) drug induced (prescription only of course!) Or B) am suffering from what I call an “Addy head” AKA brain fog. Something that Addys get that makes you a little confused and makes you feel like you’re in some kind of strange dream. So …..these parcels……well there must have been about 15 items of clothing! I had no idea what I had bought so opening each packet…..me and mum were trying to guess….was it a top? A dress?? Now because they were from China they took a while to arrive so we managed to ascertain that I had carried out this nocturnal nurturing during my last admission when refeeding syndrome was at it’s peak sending my electrolytes in different directions causing all kind of misfires of my bodily functions…..including brain apparently! Well ……..thats my excuse for some of the questionable items that appeared from that surprise parcel! 

So…..im feeling grumpy fed up and in pain! I miss Spirit (my horse) like crazy and i want to go home. But it’s a beautiful day and writing this has helped me to see the funny side again. Even in the worst weather the sun is always shining somewhere……it just depends on how hard you look for it!

Love always 

The grumpy patient, Grace, Norman and Flo


2 thoughts on “Pull yourself together woman!!!!

  1. Rhoda Lawrence

    Hi charlotte. I’m Rhoda a friend of your mum and sister to jo and steve. Well sister in law to steve or that would be odd !!! I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your blogs. I have so much admiration for you and I wish you a speedy recovery and I pray that you’ll soon be home where you belong and fit enough to get back on your lovely horse. Take care xxx Rhoda xxx

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