Get me fat!!!!

Ok so a pretty uneventful day yesterday. The most exertion I did all day was finally have a shower! Good news is the potassium infusion worked……bad news is now my phosphate levels have dropped again so need to be topped up before feeding! Of course this would happen……..consultants always look at with with an inquisitive face because of course my bloods wont follow the normal refeeding schedule because PAS has to stick its ore in! 

Today was a good day……feed finally started!!!! Good old doc comes to see me this morning and says he’s here to persuade me to stay because my bloods are not stable. Of course I’ll stay! Can’t get enough of hospital hotel! Mind you the jacket potatos are amazingly fluffy and I’m getting through 2 a day! So I’m back on good old fresy (fresubin fibre) on the “emergency regime” of 20mls an hour for 20 hours until bloods are back tomorrow and I have a dietician review. Now, I was on 100mls an hour before Terry and I parted so Norman has a lot to live up to! 

  • Now, I promised I’d start telling some of the shenanigans that I have been getting up to over the last 5 weeks. So ……. when I was admitted my dad arrived and I was moved wards from the assessment ward. It was late in the evening and I was zonked! So the porter wheels me onto this ward and we go into a bay…….all I could hear was the lady diagonal to me called out “Aaron!!! Aaron!!! Is that you Aaron???” Her name was Polly and she did this taking on some zombie stance with her eyes closed and her frail little arms flailing around outstretched in front of her. Then the lady next to me (Janice) gasps and says “oh isnt she thin! Is she indian??” So far ive etabilished in less than 30 seconds that to these elderly ladies I am a starving Indian called Aaron! Theres nothing wrong with that other than the fact it means I will have no sleep and will have trouble communicating with these inquisitive females. So to top it off the lady opposite me (Sally) calls out to my dad….”oh bless her….is that your mum??” Oh my goodness!!! This is going to be fun! And dad turns to me with a massive grin on his face and says “right I’m off……have a nice sleep!” And he continues to grin like a Cheshire cat as he heads off waving. Well with me on hourly observations and blood sugar monitoring I was likely to get much sleep anyway. However little did I know that it would be me that causes a rucus that night……..

One last thing……i was weighed today……43kg!!!! I was 38kg 5 weeks ago!!! That’s 5kg gained in 5 weeks! Now I’m the one grinning like a Cheshire cat……..soon to be a fat Cheshire cat!! 😉

All names have been changed to protect patient confidentially!!

6 thoughts on “Get me fat!!!!

  1. Sally

    You’re one amazing girl!! Well done with the weight gain. Think you have a fair way to go before you are technically fat but you’re heading in the right direction!! Loving your blogs!! Keep smiling!!😀❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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