First blog post

Ok so for my first blog I was going to tell you all a funny story about the antics and fun that me and grace have indured during our stay. However, what started off as a nice calm day turned into chaos from lunchtime. I’m being coupled up tomorrow with a new NJ…..lets hope this time we get on or at least work through our differences instead of one member of the team deciding to make a quick getaway whilst o sleep! I mean I honestly felt cheated to wake up and find that Terry was trying to sneak out! 

So anyway. I going to theatre tomorrow to join my new partner for a match made in heaven…….i wish!!! After lots of confusion over my steroid cover for the procedure they decided it would be best to move me to first on the list and come into hospital this evening! So the GO prints my bloods which are deranged again because my body just does not know how to function like any other normal human being! Then I grab my bag and medication ( well more like awkwardly bumble along with Florence the frame) and mum dad and i are in the car and straight to the triage ward. 

Whilst we are sitting having a lovely chat and suddenly go faint and dad has to practically pick me up onto the trolly. Alarm goes off everyone comes running.  2 aterial needles, nice big green cannular, an ECG, IV hydrocortisone and bolus fluids later…….i have an infection! Lovely! So now I’m on IV antibiotics……i don’t think I have any blood in me …..i think my veins are running with chemicals! I mean magic unicorn dust would be nicer!!! 

So it’s now 3am and i was moved wards where i am in a side room and I am nil by mouth ready for theatre in 5 hours time. I am scared? Yes! Do I feel like I want to do a runner? Yes! But am I going to laugh about how much sedation I will need and still fight 3 nurses to hold me down, whilst green bile is running down my cheek after it’s all done? Yes!!! With Grace by my side we can achieve anything …….. unicorns are made of magic remember

Don’t forget….sharing is caring…….and I promise the funny stories pur on their sweet little way 

8 thoughts on “First blog post

  1. Sally

    Crumbs Charlotte – what else???? Hope that infection soon clears up and all the best with the new tube!! Need all the good nutrition you can get to help you recover!! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Clare Moyce

    Wow, I’ve never heard of this before, and for you to share your journey with ur magical unicorn is amazing!
    Really hope things get better for you guys!
    Good luck with your u tube channel 🙌

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Gemma Andrea

    We’re here for the journey with you and Grace. Keep posting hun. Writing has been a sanity saver for me in the past (have a read of my blog if you’re bored, there’s allsorts in there!) xxx


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